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NHOF Cycle Ending 2009

The Nebraska Hall of Fame was established in 1961 to officially recognize prominent Nebraskans who have made significant contributions to Nebraska and the nation. The Hall of Fame honors people (1) who were born in Nebraska, (2) who gained prominence while living in Nebraska, or (3) who lived in Nebraska and whose residence in Nebraska was an important influence on their lives and contributed to their greatness.

The Nebraska Hall of Fame Commission, with members appointed by the governor, is permitted to nominate one person to the Hall of Fame every five years. (This changed from every two years prior to 2000).  In 1976, the nation’s bicentennial year, the commission selected four people to be honored. Individuals must be deceased thirty-five years (formerly ten years) to be considered for the Nebraska Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame recipients display is located on the second floor of the State Capitol in Lincoln.


During the last 5 year cycle, The Nebraska Hall of Fame Commission received nominations of prospective inductees to the Nebraska Hall of Fame, pursuant to legislation passed in 2005. (Neb. Rev. Statute 72-724). Nominations for the following candidates were received: Major League baseball player Grover Cleveland Alexander (1887-1950); University of Nebraska botanist Charles E. Bessey (1845-1915); physician Georgia Arbuckle Fix (1852-1918); World War II landing craft manufacturer Andrew Jackson Higgins (1886-1952); Union Pacific Railroad President William M. Jeffers (1876-1953); aviatrix Evelyn Sharp (1919-1944); and black activist Malcolm X also known as Malcolm Little and Al-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (1925-1965).


Malcolm’s Birthday Celebration

Malcolm X Birthday Celebration and Annual Meeting of Supporters 5/16

The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization in the Greater Omaha community established to educate through the teachings of Malcolm X’s legacy on a local, national and international scale.

Our programs are service and culture based.  They are intended for educating about the life of Malcolm X, for cultivating collective efforts to improve the social conditions in which many live & to inspire the community to be actively involved with matters of peace and justice for all humanity.

Our goal is two fold. The first is to create a park like memorial at his birth home as a tourist and educational attraction. The other is to improve the condition of our community through education, increased opportunities and the utilization of the Arts to share cultural traditions and knowledge.

Each year our Foundation hosts a tribute at the birth place in honor of Malcolm X for his birthday.  This year’s Malcolm X Birthday Celebration will be held on the 16th of May.  Our annual meeting of supporters, members, donors, etc. will be held at that time as well.

We will hold the celebration as an African themed festival.  Have you ever heard of or been to those 16th century renaissance festivals? They are centered around the European medieval renaissance period.  They include arts and crafts fairs, jousting tournaments, jugglers, costumed people from peasants to royalty, etc.

We will create an African themed culture and arts celebration; a recreated village where the sights, sounds, tastes, and beauty of ancient African kingdoms such as Ghana, Mali, and Songhai come alive.  We will have a marketplace, craft vendors, African games, drumming, dance, story telling, sing-a-longs, African attire and apparel, a flag display from African countries, African arts/craft making, music, fun educational workshops, food — all rolled into one non-stop, day-long family adventure!

Omaha’s African Cultural Connection (ACC) is an organization of professional artists using traditional African dance, music and story to encourage students to learn more about the positive contributions African cultures have made to society.   They will be joining us in our celebration.

Resolved to do More

We need people who are resolved to do more this year!

There are so many ways that people can help us. The question is really what are you able to do? What are our options for including you? Who else can you put us in contact with that can contribute? We may have a hard road ahead, but it doesn’t have to be a long one. (Doesn’t have to be hard either)

On the basic level, we need to increase our membership base by getting out to the masses of supporters of El-Hajj Malik El Shabazz. Everyone, no matter where they are, can do this. Click Here for the fastest way.  Memberships are $25/person. We also have a donor brick campaign. A donation of $100 or more to us will get anyone a custom engraved paver on the birth place. We will place our first set by the Historical Marker this May.  So, now is a great time to get yours ordered. We need sustaining financial commitments such as $35/per month for 2 years or $1,200 a year for 5 years, etc. (Most do just a dollar a day).  Do this now by clicking here.

On the higher level, we need about $375,000 to build (or purchase) a building nearby so that we will have a permanent home facility to work out of, provide services from and raise money with.

Please!  Don’t read this blog, browse the site and then just click to the next thing, thinking to yourself. . . “I hope it works out for them”. Brainstorm! You know a whole lot of folks that we don’t. And if you really can’t help, find someone who can. Thanks!

Use the email link below or call us with your ideas at 1-800-645-9287.  Click HERE to support with whatever amount you can.

NHOF Why Malcolm X?

At Christmas time, we sing, “O Little Town of Bethlehem.” But, Bethlehem was only the town where Jesus Christ was born. In fact, because of discrimination, his mother had to give birth in a filthy, stinking stable. Yet, Bethlehem is sacred to all Christians.

Nazareth was a backwater village where Jesus spent his childhood. When he returned with healing miracles and wisdom, he was ridiculed and told to get lost. That’s why Christ said, “A prophet is always without honor in his own land.” Yet, Nazareth is sacred to all Christians.

Malcolm X was born in Omaha in 1925. He was driven from Nebraska as a small child after racist violence against his family. But nothing can change the fact that he was born in Nebraska. Yet this seems to give Nebraska an iconic status to everybody in the world except Nebraskans.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X has been one of the most widely-read autobiographies in the world since 1965. His life is recognized as one of the greatest examples of human redemption from criminality and degradation to global leadership and respect. There are colleges, schools, streets, parks, boulevards and postage stamps, in America, Africa and Europe commemorating Malcolm X.

Moreover, Malcolm X single-handedly redirected a profoundly angry generation of African-American activists away from hating the entire Caucasian race and created a new vision of interracial cooperation that redefined the civil rights movement. And only Malcolm X had the stature and personal integrity to change that direction.

Malcolm X is the largest historical figure to be born in the state of Nebraska. His legacy is ours to claim for the one reason nobody else can. He’s a Nebraskan. It’s time to induct him. Bethlehem and Nazareth did it. Why shouldn’t we?

NHOF Criteria for Selection

Nebraska Hall of Fame, Criteria for Selection

  1.  A person shall have been deceased thirty-five years to be considered.
  2.  A person shall have been born in Nebraska, have lived a significant part of his or her life in Nebraska or, made a contribution to society that was affected by his or her residence in Nebraska.
  3.  Primary consideration is given to contributions in public affairs, the arts, the sciences, the professions; secondary consideration is given to entertainment, athletics, and kindred fields where interest, publicity, and general recognition may for a time be intense, but where a contribution to society is secondary.
  4. Activities that have added to the welfare of society and to the reputation of the state shall be weighed more heavily than activities primarily benefiting the individual himself or herself.

Omowale Language and Culture program

The Omowale Language and Culture program will offer various enriching opportunities including Camp Akili, an Omaha summer leadership camp that focuses on community leadership and service.  They will also offer quarterly sessions that will focus on the Kiswahili language as well as the Wolof & Mandinka languages of the Senegalese & Gambian countries.  Students will learn African language & culture as a supplement to their mandated school lessons.  They will correspond with students from our partner countries abroad to nurture and perfect their new language skills and will work to create an international entrepreneurship project with the African students that can be implemented in both countries.   Students will raise funds to travel to Senegal/Gambia for cultural exchange, rights of passage and to work together to implement their entrepreneur project.  They will share the many things that they learn abroad with the local community.  In addition, the Omowale program includes opportunities for incarcerated youth.  Youth who are in the correctional facilities can start the language and  culture program at the institution and continue immediately with the community based rendition of the program.  The program also provides an opportunity for youth of from any ethnic background who possess an interest in African language and culture to study and experience it.  Poor education, poverty, and violence are realities that do not have to be.  North Omaha youth are often lacking in positive cultural identity and deprived of a view of the world beyond the boundaries of the challenges they face right outside of their doors every day.  Positive self identity results in positive actions which, in turn, cultivate safer and more cooperative neighborhoods.

God’s Blessings

by Amir Sulaiman

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Whosoever would like to make a living by being grateful to Allah has a long labour ahead of him. It is enough for us to use all of our living days thanking Allah for Islam and it would be insufficient.

Rather we could spend all of our living days thanking Allah only for salat and on our deathbeds we would find ourselves coming up short. Even for the knowledge and ability to make one prostration we could spend our every waking hour thanking Allah for that prostration and we would still die in debt.

Do not allow yourself to forget that there are some from the Children of Adam (as) who have never made one prostration to their Lord. Neither they nor their parents or their parent’s parents as far as they can trace their lineage, have ever prostrated even once before their Creator. What is worse is that, for some of them, their children and their children’s children until the Day of Judgment will never make one prostration to Allah, Most High. They will never taste the sweetness of this perfected mode of worship. How blessed are the prostrators?! So whosoever among us prostrators who would like to make a living being grateful to Allah has a long labour ahead of him.

Do not allow yourself to forget that while we are sending up the foul smoke of our sins , in turn, Allah sends down the sweet mist of his blessings to cover the believer and disbeliever, the righteous and the wicked, the grateful and the ingrates alike. Have you not seen the life-giving rain falling upon the oppressed and the oppressor, the holy and the foul, the guided and the astray alike?

Have you not seen the fruit growing amidst the sincere and the hypocrites, the patient and the impatient, the just and the tyrants alike? One group exceeds the other group only by way of their degree of gratitude. However are there any amongst us who are truly grateful? And We have distributed the (water) amongst them, in order that they may celebrate (our) praises, but most men are averse (to aught) but (rank) ingratitude (25:50)

So, whosoever would like to make a living by being grateful to Allah has a long labour ahead of him. How much gratitude do we owe even for one verse of Qur’an, In the Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful(1:1)? How many days of thanks should we spend for this verse let alone the six other verses that follow it or the other 113 surahs that follow them? What a mercy it is that Allah even turned His face and spoke to us. The Lord of all the worlds, the Master of the Day of Judgment, glorified is He, has revealed something of Himself to us when we are but mud turned to blood, bones, and bowels. And what has He revealed about Himself except that He is Most Gracious and Most Merciful. Glory be to Allah and mercy be on those who glorify Him. And We have explained to man, in this Qur’an, every kind of similitude: yet the greater part of men refuse (to receive it) except with ingratitude (17:89)

Oh you grateful ones, do not allow yourself to forget that even the knowledge and ability to be grateful is but a gift from Allah. Know that there are some from the Children of Adam (as) that do not have the knowledge or desire to thank Allah. What is worse is that neither their parents nor their children as far as the eye can see have been grateful to their Creator and Sustainer. So not only are we to thank Allah for His blessings but also thank Him for teaching us to thank Him for there are some who do not know or do not care. So we must thank Him for showing us how to thank Him. Then we must thank Him for giving us the insight to thank Him for instilling in us the desire to thank Him. Then we are indebted to Him for allowing us the thanks of that thanks which is thanks for the orginal thanks and so on and on until the day when the mountains will pass like clouds and the sky will be like molten brass and the Angels of the Garden and the Angels of the Fire will stand ready awaiting the command of their Lord.

So, whosoever would like to make a living by being grateful to Allah has a long labour ahead of him. Do not be neglectful of this labour for it is a good labour the fruits of which multiply exponentially. And remember! your Lord caused to be declared (publicly): “If ye are grateful, I will add more (favours) unto you (14:7). Out of Allah’s Grace and Mercy, He has decreed that our gratitude will increase His favours upon us , which in turn, will make us more grateful, which will increase His favours, making us more grateful, which will increase His favours and this pattern goes on and on until the Horn is sounded and the dead are raised to settle all accounts. So this long labour is a sweet and blessed labour and no labour has a greater profit margin than the labour of gratitude.

Is it enough to make your heart swell in your chest and tears to swell in your eyes to know that after all of this Allah calls Himself Al Shakur, The Grateful? How is Allah grateful to this newly created race of ingrates called humankind? How kind is He; how Merciful is He to show gratitude to a creation sprung from dirt, reproduced via a despised fluid and returns to the dirt as food for maggots. How forbearing is He to show gratitude while most of mankind is wandering the Earth neglectful of his duty to their Lord. We are not justly grateful yet our service to Him is always justly rewarded . No, rather the reward for our service is generously multiplied many times over while our wrong actions are counted only once if they are not wiped away as if they never happened. Who amongst us is truly grateful to The Grateful? May Allah have mercy upon us all.

What is certain is that there is nothing worthy of worship besides Allah, Most High. What is certain is that Muhammad is his servant and messenger, may peace and blessings be upon him, his family, and all those who follow them. What is certain is that all praise is for Allah, Lord of all the worlds.

We bestowed (in the past) Wisdom on Luqman: “Show (thy) gratitude to Allah.” Any who is (so) grateful does so to the profit of his own soul: but if any is ungrateful, verily Allah is free of all wants, Worthy of all praise. (31:12)

The Messiah once prayed, “O my Lord, how can I be thankful for the many blessings you have bestowed upon me, when the ability to thank You is, in itself, a blessing- for which I must render thanks?” God answered saying, “That you know this is thanks enough.”

Omowale Language & Culture Program

Omowale Language & Culture Program includes workshops that will focus on the Kiswahili language as well as the Wolof & Mandinka languages of the Senegalese & Gambian countries.  Students will learn Black & African language & culture as a supplement to their mandated school lessons.  Students will have the opportunity to correspond with students from our partner countries and work to create an international entrepreneurship project with the African students.  They will also have an opportunity to travel to Senegal/Gambia for cultural exchange, rights of passage and to work together to implement their entrepreneur project.

Ujima Project

Ujima is a Kiswahili word that means “familyhood”.   It is also recognized as an Afrikan Kwanzaa principle, “Collective Work & Responsibility” (Making our brothers & sisters problems our problems, and working to solve them together).  This principle is the basis of the program.

Activities include; regular volunteer visits to the Nebraska Correctional Facilities particularly Harambee Afrikan Cultural Organization meetings in the Lincoln & Tecumseh penitentiaries & the Omaha Youth Detention Facility, Children with Incarcerated Parents Program to provide transportation for children to visit parents who are incarcerated, and transportation for families to visit incarcerated family members.

Harambee Umoja Youth Event

Harambee Umoja Youth Event (Come together for Unity):

The purpose of this event is to facilitate a means for the HACO members to give back to the community and help illuminate positive life-choice alternatives for the youth, to introduce and help the youth utilize positive African principles and to provide something fun for the youth to be a part of.  The 2008 activity is a premier to the 5 day African American leadership camp which will be facilitated in 2009.