Camp Akili Cultural Program

The Omowale Language and Culture program will offer various enriching opportunities including Camp Akili, an Omaha summer leadership camp that focuses on community leadership and service.  They will also offer quarterly sessions that will focus on the Kiswahili language as well as the Wolof & Mandinka languages of the Senegalese & Gambian countries.  Students will learn African language & culture as a supplement to their mandated school lessons.  They will correspond with students from our partner countries abroad to nurture and perfect their new language skills and will work to create an international entrepreneurship project with the African students that can be implemented in both countries.   Students will raise funds to travel to Senegal/Gambia for cultural exchange, rights of passage and to work together to implement their entrepreneur project.  They will share the many things that they learn abroad with the local community.  In addition, the Omowale program includes opportunities for incarcerated youth.  Youth who are in the correctional facilities can start the language and  culture program at the institution and continue immediately with the community based rendition of the program.  The program also provides an opportunity for youth of from any ethnic background who possess an interest in African language and culture to study and experience it.  Poor education, poverty, and violence are realities that do not have to be.  North Omaha youth are often lacking in positive cultural identity and deprived of a view of the world beyond the boundaries of the challenges they face right outside of their doors every day.  Positive self identity results in positive actions which, in turn, cultivate safer and more cooperative neighborhoods.

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