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Omowale Language & Culture Program

Omowale Language & Culture Program includes workshops that will focus on the Kiswahili language as well as the Wolof & Mandinka languages of the Senegalese & Gambian countries.  Students will learn Black & African language & culture as a supplement to their mandated school lessons.  Students will have the opportunity to correspond with students from our partner countries and work to create an international entrepreneurship project with the African students.  They will also have an opportunity to travel to Senegal/Gambia for cultural exchange, rights of passage and to work together to implement their entrepreneur project.

Ujima Project

Ujima is a Kiswahili word that means “familyhood”.   It is also recognized as an Afrikan Kwanzaa principle, “Collective Work & Responsibility” (Making our brothers & sisters problems our problems, and working to solve them together).  This principle is the basis of the program.

Activities include; regular volunteer visits to the Nebraska Correctional Facilities particularly Harambee Afrikan Cultural Organization meetings in the Lincoln & Tecumseh penitentiaries & the Omaha Youth Detention Facility, Children with Incarcerated Parents Program to provide transportation for children to visit parents who are incarcerated, and transportation for families to visit incarcerated family members.

Harambee Umoja Youth Event

Harambee Umoja Youth Event (Come together for Unity):

The purpose of this event is to facilitate a means for the HACO members to give back to the community and help illuminate positive life-choice alternatives for the youth, to introduce and help the youth utilize positive African principles and to provide something fun for the youth to be a part of.  The 2008 activity is a premier to the 5 day African American leadership camp which will be facilitated in 2009.

Black August Omaha

Black August Omaha is an annual Edutainment (Education & Entertainment) event which features performances and presentations by local & national artivists (artists & activists) in various disciplines from drama to dance, from singing to instrumental music presentations.  The purpose of this event is to highlight various topics including the Malcolm X birthplace and the development of the landmark, to celebrate & educate the community, particularly the youth about our history, to share our culture through various art forms with an emphasis on hip hop, to promote communalism and to introduce and observe various principles concerning the overall health and well being of the community.   This committee will also conduct workshops throughout the year.

Shabazz Gardens

The community garden program will promote collective community effort and leadership in North Omaha.  Participants will grow fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  This will help families save money on their food bills, and improve the aesthetics in the neighborhood.   The program seeks to foster positive self esteem & youth peace (violence prevention) by promoting fellowship between youth and elders, entrepreneurialism, a healthy mental and physical state of being, cleaner air & environment, healthy eating habits & agricultural education for our community.


Our first program is an Entrepreneur program.  We partner with Apple Education, Junior Achievement and Kid Biz to make this a reality.  The JA Company Program allows students to practice business and entrepreneurship skills in a hands-on business environment.  With the support and guidance of volunteer consultants from the local business community, the JA Company Program provides basic economic education for high school students. By organizing and operating an actual business enterprise, students not only learn how businesses function, they also learn about the structure of the U.S. free enterprise system and the benefits it provides.  The program helps young people appreciate and better understand the role of business in our society.  So, through hands-on activities, mentoring, presentations, and behind-the-scenes field trips, students will discover the world of business and financial management. The participants are then challenged to identify a community problem or business opportunity and design a financial solution. Students will present their solutions to their peers and community in a financial management and business fair.

The Entrepreneur program is in need of some technology support including a computer or two to hold the business records of the JA Company Program and run the program software of the Kid Biz piece, Financial record keeping software, a color printer, etc.  Each youth involved in the program needs their own Kid Biz booklet and program.  They are $10 each.  They also need stationary (paper, printer ink, and so on), postage, and extras such as travel expenses.  This is a relatively inexpensive program as it is lead by volunteers, but we are in need of a donor to cover these areas.

CommUNITY Gardens

In response to the expressed interest of many community members, the foundation CommUNITY garden project is currently organizing.  In doing so, we are dedicating several lots of property to the project.

We are looking for interested, dedicated community members to take voluntary positions in the gardening club to develop and manage the project.

This project will help empower our community by encouraging healthy eating, collective work and responsibility, aesthetic improvements of our surroundings, increasing self esteem, sharing of knowledge between elders & youth, etc.

We will begin garden design and layout in April.  Volunteers are needed!

for more information please contact us at (800) 645-9287

Shabazz Community Gardens

In fall of 2007, the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation designated six 125’ x 50’ Lots to initiate a community garden.  The mission of this project is to empower families, particularly the youth by educating them about protecting the environment, healthy living, healthy eating, responsibility in caring for the aesthetics of our community, learning from community elders, leadership & working together through a hands on activities.

We intend to teach culture through growing foods that are found in traditional African & African American dishes.  We are building partnerships with local public schools whereby the youth will continue growing projects during the cold winter months in various school greenhouses.  In addition, the youth will be able to participate in the harvest celebrations by bringing forth foods that they actually grew.

The youth will be involved with the construction & layout of the garden (building raised beds & determining where they will be located, composting, controlling pests with plants instead of pesticides, etc).  They will grow vegetables, fruit trees, study trees that help combat urban pollution & soil erosion.  We will work with the lead safe coalition to Educate on lead poisoning & restoring lead contaminated areas (North Omaha is a crisis area for lead contamination).

Black August Omaha – 2007

Black August: A celebration of Hip Hop and our Freedom Fighters is a project of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (, which strives to support the global development of Hip Hop culture by facilitating exchanges between international communities where Hip Hop is a vital part of youth culture, and by promoting awareness about the social and political issues that affect these youth communities. Our goal is to bring culture and political awareness together and to allow them to naturally evolve into a unique Hip Hop consciousness that informs our collective struggle for a more just, equitable and humane world.

Birthday Celebration – 2007

May 19th Birthday  Celebration – African Cultural Festival

The Foundation hosted a Tribute on Saturday, May 19th at the birth place in honor of Malik El Shabazz.  National Public Radio’s (NPR) StoryCorps was on hand to interview local persons attending the Tribute as to how the legacy of Malcolm X has impacted their lives.

Omaha Public School fourth grade students had an art exhibition at the event and fifth & sixth grade students were interviewed by OPS African-American Achievement Council Co-Chair and KETV show host, Ben Gray.  They were interviewed about a book they have previously read about the life of Malcolm X, “By Any Means Necessary”, by noted author, Walter Dean Myers.

The students participating in the project were from Mount View or Walnut Hill Elementary Schools.  There was also a book giveaway for children sponsored by the Omaha Public Library.

Bro. N’Krumah and Sis. Arellano shared powerful spoken word pieces of their own as well as selections of works by activist rap duo Dead Prez and Nebraska Political Prisoner Mondo We Langa.