Malcolm X Foundation | FACT SHEET | 2018

History of the Organization

The Malcolm X Foundation was created in 1971 by Rowena Moore as a memorial for the birth site of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, most commonly known as Malcolm X in the heart of North Omaha at 3448 Evans Street. Established by Rowena Moore, the grounds serve the purpose of bringing residents together to remember the legacy of Malcolm X through educational programs, a community radio station, town hall forums and special events.


Organizational Overview

We were established to educate through the teachings of Malcolm X’s legacy on a local, national and international scale. We own 17 acres of land including the former home site of Malcolm X who was born here in Omaha, Ne. The organization is operated by an Advisory Board of 11 members and five volunteer committees. Below are the main organizational focuses of the foundation:

  • Birth site memorial & grounds maintenance
  • Community Center & and Neighborhood Association
  • Low Power FM Radio Station (101.3 FM Mind & Soul)
  • Shabazz Community Garden
  • Annual Malcolm X Birthday Celebration


Top 10 events/moments at Malcolm X Foundation

  • Malcolm X Birthday Celebration held annually – check our facebook for upcoming events
  • Shabazz Garden established (established in the 1980s)
  • Formally recognized as a historical landmark by the State of Nebraska (1984)
  • Black August Festival (2006)
  • Official collaborators for the Nebraska Humanities Council Speakers Bureau Established (2008)
  • Acquiring the former Jehovah’s Witness church as the main facility (Dec. 2010)
  • Grounds development to include the main pavilion and pathway between the facility and the gardens (2011)
  • Launch of 101.3 FM Radio Station (2016) – website here.
  • Kwanzaa Celebration honoring the strength of women in the North Omaha Community (2017) – View Photos here.
  • MX Sol Food & Music Festival (Summer 2018).

Contact info:


PHONE: (800) 645-9287

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, by appointment only | Saturdays, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. | Sundays, closed to the public.

Social Media Pages:

  • Facebook (531,000) @MalcolmXFound
  • Twitter (2,523) – @MalcolmXFound
  • Instagram Hashtags: #MalcolmXFoundation

Advisory Board Roles

    • President: Sharif Liwaru
    • Vice Presidents: Marshall Taylor & Lizabet Arellano
    • Treasurer: Shari Thompson
    • Administrative Director: Walter Brooks
    • Community Outreach: Leo Louis & JoAnna LeFlore

Committee Opportunities

  • Grounds & Facilities
  • Communications & Events
  • Shabazz Garden & Greenhouse


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