Malcolm X Staring Denzel Washington

Malcolm X Screening

Malcolm X Staring Denzel Washington
Denzel plays Malcolm X

A special 20th anniversary screening of Spike Lee’s Academy Award-nominated biopic about the life and death of the Omaha-born activist, featuring a career-defining, award-worthy performance from Denzel Washington. Presented in collaboration with Film Streams and the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation.

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“A whole generation of young people are being introduced to Malcolm X and people who’ve heard of him or had limited views of him are having their views expanded. Above all, we hope that black folks will come out of the theater inspired and moved to do something positive… As with any film I’ve done, people will take away their own message. For a large part of the white audience, however, I think we’re helping redefine Malcolm X because for the most part their view of Malcolm came from the white media which portrayed him as anti-white, anti-Semitic, and pro-violence. It’s funny, [many white journalists told me] they felt they’d been robbed, that they’d been cheated, because they’d never been taught about Malcolm X in school…. A great miseducation has gone on about this man.” (Spike Lee)

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