Spring Cleaning

Spring brings work on the Shabazz Community Garden Project at Malcolm X Ave. and Bedford St.

In response to the expressed interest of many community members, a CommUNITY garden project is currently organizing.  In doing so, we are dedicating several lots of property at Bedford and 34th Avenue to the project.

The focus of this project is to empower families, particularly the youth by educating them about protecting the environment, healthy living, healthy eating, responsibility in caring for the look and aesthetics of our community, learning from community elders, leadership & working together through hands on activities.

The community garden program will promote collective community effort and leadership in North Omaha.  Participants will grow fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  This will help families save money on their food bills and make a little money through farmer’s markets.  The program seeks to foster positive self esteem & youth peace by promoting fellowship between youth and elders, entrepreneurialism, a healthy mental and physical state of being, cleaner air & environment, healthy eating habits & agricultural education for our community.

We intend to teach culture through growing foods that are found in traditional African & African American dishes.  We are building partnerships with local public schools whereby the youth will continue growing projects during the cold winter months in various school greenhouses.  In addition, the youth will be able to participate in the harvest celebrations by bringing forth foods that they actually grew.

The youth will be involved with the construction & layout of the garden (building raised beds & determining where they will be located, composting, controlling pests with plants instead of pesticides, etc).  With financial support from the Amis Foundation, we will work with Big Garden to help organize the start of this project.  Local residents, Shabazz Gardeners, and Wal Mart staff will join the building effort.

This project will help empower our community by increasing self esteem, sharing of knowledge between elders & youth, etc.  We will provide an opportunity for the youth volunteers to learn business entrepreneurial skills and about opportunities that can be realized through the selling of fresh produce.

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