Donor Bricks

Donor bricks are being used to pave the landscaped plaza, paths, and the walkway surrounding the birth place. The landscaped plaza is a focal point in the ten-acre park surrounding the main plot of the Malcolm X birth place where his home once stood. Your donation of US$100 or more to the donor brick program allows you to contribute to this legacy project that will be enjoyed by generations.


Pavers are being placed in the very limited space in front of the Malcolm X Nebraska Historical Marker.  A Donor Brick can be placed there for a donation of $250.00, allowing you, your family, business, or organization name to be forever represented near the Marker.

The Ancestor’s Pathway is the walkway from the Visiting Center to the Plaza. To have a Donor Brick placed there will take a donation of only $100.00,assuring that an ancestor of your choice is inscribed, helping to pave the entrance into the outdoor Memorial Park for Malcolm X in Omaha, NE.

These 4” x 8” Donor Bricks are attractive clay pavers that are available with three 20 space lines to accommodate your custom-engraved individualized statement. Donors receive a 1” x 3” x 5/8” Mini replica of the brick ordered as well as a map showing the location of your piece of history.You may send us a message using the “Contact Page” or call 1-800-645-9287 to contribute. Thank you for your support!

Official Website of the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation in Omaha, NE. In concert with the local, national and international supporters of El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, we endeavor to perpetuate his uncompromising leadership and contributions towards social justice.