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Carlos Carr Letter

To all who worked so hard to bring Black August to Omaha,

I wish to give you my sincere thank you for your hard work and dedication to make this event happen.
You were very successful on many things:
1. You came together and planned this event with good content and use of local talent.
2. The event happen.
3. The entertainment was great and positive.
4. You learned from the things that did not go well. Food vendors, audience, set up, and I am sure other thing you will discuss among yourselves.

Success can be measured on many different planes and trust me you were very successful in pulling off this event.

I am convince that young Blacks like you who understand our history, culture and struggle are best qualified to lead your and future generations out of mental slavery. But I encourage you to get with the elders of the community to listen and learn from them as a part your continuing growth.
I personally have done this with Marshall Taylor, Vickie Parks, Rev. Menyweather-Woods, Idu Maduli and others. I chose to do this after my attempt for a community wide Kwanzaa program last year which had success on the same level as your Black August event. So I have learned the following:

1. Bring the right people to the table to plan future event and stay open minded. We need to get Idu Maduli, Roy Davenport, Reggie Clark, Lizabet, Nebraska, Last Few, Kenny Walker and other talents to the table to create a united front for several reasons which I will get to in a moment.
2. We need to build a war chest, bring in money so we can stop begging others to invest in something they do not understand or do not care to understand. We can do this by doing local shows together as a group and building a following. We also need to get out of the capitalist mind set of making money for a few and start making money to meet our objective.
3. We need to build our own communication network and learn from corporate advertisers. Repeated messages, repeated messages, repeated messages. We can accomplish this in several ways, pooling our resources and using our email list to support each other’s events, Blog talk radio, and development a show which can be aired on channel 22 in a very professional format which includes,education, entertainment, community news, and National Black news. Working with OPS to get access to the middle and high schools to do educational work shops, performances and development of young minds and talents. One way of doing this is to get involved in the Greeters program with the Empowerment Network. Create a street network similar to the drug network, and bootleg DVDs, and CDS but for your music and poems. Create the network with like minded individuals, sell cheap until the idea catches on. Mean while we are doing local performances, teaching in OPS, developing our communication network and doing the major holidays Juneteenth, Kwanzaa, Black History Month, Native Omaha Days and others events. I strongly suggest we that advantage of Versatile Entertainment to do all recording and CD’s. This will help us create the volume to produce CDs and drive down the cost. The goal being to build a empire of our own but not to get rich but to serve the educational, and cultural development of our youth. Trust me if we meet the need the money will come.
4. Develop a covenant or contract with all involved so can we make some money and build our funds for our communications network. WE can work that out once we get everyone to the table. A deal like 50% of revenue goes to the entertainers and 50 %  to build our communications network would be ideal. If we are constantly doing local shows and programs you will be surprise how the funds for both you and organization will start to build up. We have to take over our young peoples minds with the music, poems and development/control of our own local media. I suggest the format Roy Davenport is doing but let’s help him build it to a higher level of success.
5. Maintain your current employment as you need to feed your families and when you can not it will change your way of thinking. Volunteerism at first is the way to go until this thing builds up.

Please everyone consider this and give me a call do not respond with an email I need to hear your voice. Contact me directly at 572-5274 home or 312-8515 cell both phone has voice mail. I will respond back when I get your message.

All praise to the most high

Carlos Carr Sr