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Malcolm X Staring Denzel Washington

Malcolm X Screening

Malcolm X Staring Denzel Washington
Denzel plays Malcolm X

A special 20th anniversary screening of Spike Lee’s Academy Award-nominated biopic about the life and death of the Omaha-born activist, featuring a career-defining, award-worthy performance from Denzel Washington. Presented in collaboration with Film Streams and the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation.

Purchase tickets at www.filmstreams.org.

“A whole generation of young people are being introduced to Malcolm X and people who’ve heard of him or had limited views of him are having their views expanded. Above all, we hope that black folks will come out of the theater inspired and moved to do something positive… As with any film I’ve done, people will take away their own message. For a large part of the white audience, however, I think we’re helping redefine Malcolm X because for the most part their view of Malcolm came from the white media which portrayed him as anti-white, anti-Semitic, and pro-violence. It’s funny, [many white journalists told me] they felt they’d been robbed, that they’d been cheated, because they’d never been taught about Malcolm X in school…. A great miseducation has gone on about this man.” (Spike Lee)

Movie Series 2.11.11

Omaha, NE – In celebration of Black History Month, the Malcolm X foundation will host its first movie series in their new facility, this week.

The Malcolm X foundation will kick the movie series off with the documentary, “Skin.”  Walter Vincent Brooks is the administrative director for the Malcolm X Foundation.  Brooks said “Skin” is a story that takes place in South Africa and tells the story of a white couple who gives birth to a dark skinned child.

“This movie is about a girl, dealing with a conflict.  Her parents are white and she herself is classified as someone who is not white, and during the South African apartheid this is a nightmare.”  He adds, “she’s literally not suppose to even live with her parents.”

Other movies in the series include, “500 Years Later,” “Hip – Hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes,” and “Bastard of the Party,” a film that chronicles the history of the street gangs.

“People don’t tend to know the history of street gangs, crews, and organizations that date back to the 30’s and 40’s.  Now, obviously they were not necessarily connected to drug dealing and gun violence the way many of them are in the present day.”  He said, “A movie like this shows the real social evolution in how individuals come up in worlds where going into these types of organizations is a very real rite of passage.”

Following the movie presentation, Brooks will lead a discussion about the film of the night.   He said these films give people the opportunity to talk about racism, the role of slavery, both historically and in present day, gangs and the hip- hop culture.  Brooks said the series is open to everyone.

“Malcolm X was not just for black people and neither is the Malcolm X Center.  We’re encouraging all of Omaha particularly those who are looking for an event in the month of February which is traditionally black history month.”  Brooks said, “People who are interested in partaking in an event that might be a little less academic and more popular oriented are encouraged to come to centers movie series.”

The series starts February 8th at 6 and runs every Tuesday until March 1st at the Malcolm X building located in North Omaha.