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Malcolm X Foundation

The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation, in concert with the local, national and international supporters of El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, endeavors to perpetuate his uncompromising leadership and contributions towards social justice.


The Foundation

The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation is governed by an eleven member board of directors who are sustaining foundation members and dedicated to the foundation’s mission.  None are compensated monetarily.  Volunteers augment the board by staffing program committees.


As trustees of the unique birthplace memorial dedicated to Malcolm X, the foundation develops programmatic empowerment initiatives, cultural competency, as well as continued long term physical development of the Malcolm X birthplace infrastructure.



  • Harambee Afrikan Cultural Organization
  • Parent University Program
  • Shabazz Community Garden
  • Camp Akili Summer Camps
  • African Renaissance Festival
  • Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Omowale Language and Cultural Program
  • Ujima Projects
  • Annual Book Drive

We Want Your Support

The Malcolm X Foundation is ready to do it and do it BIG. We are poised to change the plagues of our society. We need people on board. Lots of people. Workers and Volunteers. Cheerleaders. Soldiers. Mouth pieces. Heavy Hitters. Donors (large and small). Celebrities. Icons. Everyday folks. You especially. I need tons of people showing support. For one, I need to know that I’m not alone on this. I want to look around a see a Verizon Network type support.

Showing up at the door step or corporate desk of folks that have the $$$ to help, with a Verizon Network list of supporters gives my voice validity. It’s proof that I’m not just some random guy walking in. What will you do to help?  You can call us at 1-800-645-9287.

Join Our Network of Supporters

Community Support

We need you involved. On the basic level, we need to increase our membership base by getting out to the masses of supporters of El-Hajj Malik El Shabazz nation wide and world wide.  Everyone, no matter where they are, can do this.  Especially YOU.

Memberships are just $25/person. We also have a donor brick campaign.  For a donation of $100 or greater, anyone can get a custom engraved paver placed on the birth place.  As a matter of fact, if you get your donation in before the end of April, yours can be among the first bricks placed near the Historical Marker!

We really need sustaining financial commitments also, such as $35/per month for 2 years or $1,200 a year for 5 years, etc. (Many do even a dollar a day.)  This allows us to plan for the long term.

Click the “Membership” and “Donor Form” buttons and join the network of supporters TODAY.

Place Game

How Would You Improve Malcolm X Site?
The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation is partnering with Omaha by Design to host a Place Game workshop Saturday, Oct. 15. The event will be held from 10:00am to noon at the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation Center, 3448 Evans St. All interested community members are invited to participate. Registration begins at 9:45am.

The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation has acquired more than 10 acres of land surrounding the birth site of Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925. The site has been rough graded, a plaza has been constructed at the location of the Malcolm X home, and the foundation recently acquired a vacated church adjacent to the birth site that now serves as the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation Center.

The workshop, which will focus on the site, is an opportunity for community members to suggest potential short- and long-term improvements to the property. Trained facilitators will lead small groups through the site, asking them to observe what they see, hear and feel. The groups will then reconvene at the center for a brainstorming session.

During the past decade, Omaha by Design has conducted more than 65 Place Game workshops in the metro. It offers this service free of charge to neighborhood and civic groups from March through October.

In 2011, all groups that complete a Place Game workshop and apply for grant funding to implement one of their ideas will receive a free tree courtesy of Omaha by Design.

For more information, call 402.554.4010 or email info@omahabydesign.org.

Community Class

Start Your Own Biz or Non Profit

Come join us on Monday October 10th from 6pm to 9pm! The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation & Dell Gines are putting on a free community class for you! If you have ever wanted to start a business or have a vision to change the world through a non-profit please join us in this free class. In this introductory class we will teach you how to set your vision, form your business or non-profit, organize and market your organization, and where to go for loans, grants and other community resources. If you have questions contact dellgines@ownsmallbiz.com. Please Share.

Mental Liberation 9.3.11

Join us from 5-7pm at the Malcolm X Center at 3448 Evans Street (Malcolm X Center) on Saturday, October 8th.  This event will feature performances from Omaha’s talent in spoken word & hip hop.  Its a FREE event and open to everyone.  Mental Liberation is hosted by Self Xpression and will feature appearance from Drug War veteran Rodney Prince.  This event will include a discourse titled: Death By a Thousand Arrests.

Amir Sulaiman & Khalid El Hakim

We are very excited to have two exciting and informative presentations for this year’s fall programing; Amir Sulaiman & Khalid El Hakim.

We have invited Amir Sulaiman, an accomplished spoken word poet, activist, recording artist and a 2 time HBO Def Poet. Amir works regularly teaching kids by way of spoken Sulaiman and El-Hakimword and focusing on the union of art and education.

We will also have on hand, the very innovative Black History 101 Mobile Museum, with hundreds of relevant artifacts and memorabilia.  This is a cultural educational project and traveling museum, founded by Detroit Public School teacher Khalid el-Hakim of the Institute of Black Culture in Detroit.  He has customized his museum contents for this presentation with Malcolm X as the main focus.  He will present on his research, collection and passion and then lead tours of his mobile museum.

The Nebraska Arts Council, a state agency, supports this program through a matching grant funded by the Nebraska Legislature, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment.  Visit http://www.nebraskaartscouncil.org for information on the agency and how individuals can support the Nebraska Cultural Endowment.

The Meeting

Malcolm X Center to Host Performance of Critically Acclaimed Play “The Meeting” on May 19

OMAHA, Neb. – The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation is proud to that there will be a performance of “The Meeting” – a play by Jeff Malcolm X Center, 3448 Evans St., on Thursday, May 19, at 6:30 p.m.

“The Meeting” is a powerfully performed play which depicts a meeting between Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Two initially, diametrically opposed, find that they are closer in have imagined. “The Meeting” deals with issues of race, culture, economics; how they affected that generation and how they are society today.

“The Meeting” is performed by VL Alston Productions, and Lee Alston as Malcolm X; Arthur Phillips as Dr. Martin Luther Williams as Rashad, the body guard of Malcolm X. The play will Paterson, Professor of Dramatic Arts at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

This play has been performed locally on several occasions, most first play ever performed at the John Beasley Theater and it also special tribute to the Martin Luther King Holiday by the Medical Center in 2005.

The May 19 performance is especially meaningful because it is the date of Malcolm X and the first time the play will be performed at home of Malcolm X.

The production is co-sponsored by the Nebraska Arts Council, American Achievement Council and OPS Title One. Ticket prices youth and senior citizens. On the day of the play, adult tickets will and senior citizen tickets will remain the same.

There will be a short ceremony before the play to present a large books for the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation Library; to Malcolm X Center Book Donation Drive, starting May 19 and the birth date of President Barack Obama; and to unveil donated Beveridge Middle School students.

Refreshments will be served. In addition, there will be a limited reading materials distributed to the audience members, including Myers and children’s books.

For more information on tickets or how to donate books, email info@malcolmxfoundation.org.

Meet and Greet

OMAHA, Neb. – The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation invites Omaha area businesses to the Business and Non-Profit Organizations Meet and Greet. This event will be held Friday, March 25, 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., at the Malcolm X Center, 3448 Evans Street.

This is a great opportunity to network with other local businesses or community organizations and learn more about the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation, its community programs and future plans for development.  Refreshments will be provided.

We will give tours of our facility and offer a very brief presentation on ways the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation can partner with local businesses and non-profit organizations to our mutual benefit.

There is no charge for attendance.  The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation only requires that all interested persons or organization representatives pre-register to attend.  E-mail address is rsvp@malcolmxfoundation.org by March 21.

For more information contact Walter Brooks, Administrative Director, at (402) 517-6459 or email at walter@malcolmxfoundation.org.

Movie Series 2.11.11

Omaha, NE – In celebration of Black History Month, the Malcolm X foundation will host its first movie series in their new facility, this week.

The Malcolm X foundation will kick the movie series off with the documentary, “Skin.”  Walter Vincent Brooks is the administrative director for the Malcolm X Foundation.  Brooks said “Skin” is a story that takes place in South Africa and tells the story of a white couple who gives birth to a dark skinned child.

“This movie is about a girl, dealing with a conflict.  Her parents are white and she herself is classified as someone who is not white, and during the South African apartheid this is a nightmare.”  He adds, “she’s literally not suppose to even live with her parents.”

Other movies in the series include, “500 Years Later,” “Hip – Hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes,” and “Bastard of the Party,” a film that chronicles the history of the street gangs.

“People don’t tend to know the history of street gangs, crews, and organizations that date back to the 30’s and 40’s.  Now, obviously they were not necessarily connected to drug dealing and gun violence the way many of them are in the present day.”  He said, “A movie like this shows the real social evolution in how individuals come up in worlds where going into these types of organizations is a very real rite of passage.”

Following the movie presentation, Brooks will lead a discussion about the film of the night.   He said these films give people the opportunity to talk about racism, the role of slavery, both historically and in present day, gangs and the hip- hop culture.  Brooks said the series is open to everyone.

“Malcolm X was not just for black people and neither is the Malcolm X Center.  We’re encouraging all of Omaha particularly those who are looking for an event in the month of February which is traditionally black history month.”  Brooks said, “People who are interested in partaking in an event that might be a little less academic and more popular oriented are encouraged to come to centers movie series.”

The series starts February 8th at 6 and runs every Tuesday until March 1st at the Malcolm X building located in North Omaha.