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We Want Your Support

The Malcolm X Foundation is ready to do it and do it BIG. We are poised to change the plagues of our society. We need people on board. Lots of people. Workers and Volunteers. Cheerleaders. Soldiers. Mouth pieces. Heavy Hitters. Donors (large and small). Celebrities. Icons. Everyday folks. You especially. I need tons of people showing support. For one, I need to know that I’m not alone on this. I want to look around a see a Verizon Network type support.

Showing up at the door step or corporate desk of folks that have the $$$ to help, with a Verizon Network list of supporters gives my voice validity. It’s proof that I’m not just some random guy walking in. What will you do to help?  You can call us at 1-800-645-9287.

Join Our Network of Supporters

Community Support

We need you involved. On the basic level, we need to increase our membership base by getting out to the masses of supporters of El-Hajj Malik El Shabazz nation wide and world wide.  Everyone, no matter where they are, can do this.  Especially YOU.

Memberships are just $25/person. We also have a donor brick campaign.  For a donation of $100 or greater, anyone can get a custom engraved paver placed on the birth place.  As a matter of fact, if you get your donation in before the end of April, yours can be among the first bricks placed near the Historical Marker!

We really need sustaining financial commitments also, such as $35/per month for 2 years or $1,200 a year for 5 years, etc. (Many do even a dollar a day.)  This allows us to plan for the long term.

Click the “Membership” and “Donor Form” buttons and join the network of supporters TODAY.

Place Game

How Would You Improve Malcolm X Site?
The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation is partnering with Omaha by Design to host a Place Game workshop Saturday, Oct. 15. The event will be held from 10:00am to noon at the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation Center, 3448 Evans St. All interested community members are invited to participate. Registration begins at 9:45am.

The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation has acquired more than 10 acres of land surrounding the birth site of Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925. The site has been rough graded, a plaza has been constructed at the location of the Malcolm X home, and the foundation recently acquired a vacated church adjacent to the birth site that now serves as the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation Center.

The workshop, which will focus on the site, is an opportunity for community members to suggest potential short- and long-term improvements to the property. Trained facilitators will lead small groups through the site, asking them to observe what they see, hear and feel. The groups will then reconvene at the center for a brainstorming session.

During the past decade, Omaha by Design has conducted more than 65 Place Game workshops in the metro. It offers this service free of charge to neighborhood and civic groups from March through October.

In 2011, all groups that complete a Place Game workshop and apply for grant funding to implement one of their ideas will receive a free tree courtesy of Omaha by Design.

For more information, call 402.554.4010 or email info@omahabydesign.org.